In sync with
our tomorrow.

We design, develop & distribute smart consumer electronic products in partnership with leading manufacturers and iconic brands.

AI Driven Market Intelligence

We harvest and analyze consumer feedback at scale to identify consumer electronics market opportunities.

Global Omni-Channel Sales

We sell through every channel: Direct to consumer, marketplace, and traditional retail in 30 countries & growing.

Iconic Brand Partnerships

We identify which brands are missing from a product category. We partner with the brand to create products consumers trust.

Premium Manufacturing Partners

We partner with only the worlds most capable factories, to deliver high quality products with mass market appeal.

Our Operations

CE BRANDS, Inc. consists of three operational assets: eBuyNow eCommerce, a global network of sales & marketing subsidiaries that sell direct in 30+ countries to a growing number of consumers, retailers and distributors. ProductLoop, a proprietary AI data mining software, created to predict consumer trends. PerimeterSafe, a proprietary IoT platform that helps connect iconic brands with leading IoT products

Our Partners

CE Brands believes manufacturers, brands and retailers need data driven solutions to not only keep pace in a rapidly changing market but to excel in launching high demand consumers products. CE Brands strives to bring the most insightful consumer product intelligence to our world class manufacturing, brand and retail partners.

Our Process

10 Years Building Competence in: Manufacturing, eCommerce, IoT, Licensing, Logistics, Consumer Sales and Operations. We call our repeatable process:  The CE Method.

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